General Mayhem has the following tips for you to make sure you don’t get scammed when buying tickets:


1.    Get to know the Seller.  General Mayhem has over 30 years of experience in the ticket brokerage business.  In addition, we are part of a larger ticket broker group, which is a consortium of ticket brokers throughout North America.  All tickets are guaranteed – if the show is cancelled you will receive a 100% refund.  If the tickets don’t allow you into the venue for whatever reason you will receive 100% of your purchase price!  (Note: certain conditions apply).



2.    Meet in person.  If you’re buying tickets privately meet in a public place in person. Inspect the tickets if necessary.  When buying through General Mayhem, you have the comfort of knowing you are dealing with a company, there is a refund policy and, in the worst-case scenario, since you use your credit card to purchase the tickets you can always talk to your credit card company if there are any issues.  With General Mayhem, your tickets can be purchased online and they will be either shipped to your address or you’ll be able to print them off right from your computer.



3.    If it sounds too good to be true….  You know the saying.  If it sounds too good, be extra cautious.  Sometimes prices on General Mayhem will go up or down for certain events depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, weather, sales, etc.



4.    Ask for ID.  If you’re not sure who the person is, ask them for ID or a business card. You might be able to find them through Linkedin so at least you know who you’re dealing with.  When you buy tickets from General Mayhem Tickets, you’re dealing with a company not an individual – this should give you a little more comfort.



5.    Careful with credit card information. When you’re dealing with General Mayhem, you can be sure that your credit card information will be treated with complete care, privacy and security.  We will not share your credit card information with any other third party.



6.    Is there a customer service number available? When you buy something privately, you have no contact information for the person.  You might only have an email address or phone number that someone might not answer.  General Mayhem has a customer service line that is open form 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. seven days a week!  Call anytime at 1-866-459-9233.



7.    Hard copy tickets don’t necessarily mean they’re valid. Many people believe that if tickets are hard copy that they’re more valid than paper tickets.  In general, this may be true because it’s harder to make copies of hard tickets (e.g. Ticketmaster, season tickets, etc.) than it is to make copies of paper tickets that can be copied many times over.  The reality is that hard copy tickets can be cancelled by the purchaser at point of purchase which would void the original hard copy tickets.  These are then replaced by paper tickets.  At the end of the day, know who you’re buying from, and look at the tickets to make sure the date of the tickets coincides with what was in the ad. With General Mayhem, you can be sure you’re getting the tickets listed.



8.    Look at the tickets. Make sure the tickets are the seats that you are purchasing.  Make sure that the seats are together (if that’s what you purchased).  Look at them in the light – don’t just look at them when you get home.  With General Mayhem you can see exactly what tickets you’re buying as they are clearly listed in the ad.



9.    Available tickets before tickets go on sale. With General Mayhem, you will find many tickets available at before the tickets go on sale to the public.  This is because General Mayhem has contacts with promoters and venues even before the public can get access to it.



10. Study the Venue Seating. Look at where your seats are on a seating plan.  Make sure your seats are not obstructed. General Mayhem shows you where the seats are when you’re looking at the various options on the website. Some maps will also sometimes show you the view.



11. Don’t be pressured. When you’re buying privately you might feel like you’re being pressured to make a decision. Say “No thanks” or “I’ll think about it” and walk away if you’re in doubt. Take your time. Since General Mayhem’s website at is available anytime, you can take your time in choosing what the best seats are for you.



12. Don’t pull out all your cash.  Have exact change if you’re meeting someone.  Because General Mayhem tickets are all available online, you don’t need cash to carry around – credit card purchases are easily traceable and you’ll get a receipt.



13. Prices can be more than face value. This is purely based on supply and demand.  Know what your budget is and work with it.



14. Go with a friend. When buying tickets privately bring a friend to the meeting.  This can give you more of a sense of security and you’ll be able to allow your friend to look at the tickets while you are making small talk with the person selling you the tickets.  Because General Mayhem sells tickets online, you can take your time in looking at what is the best option for tickets and not worrying about whether the tickets are valid or not.



Hope these tips will help you! 



General Mayhem